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The Unveil

The Unveil


It might be your closest friend, an acquittance or even one of your lovers.


They present you with their most beautiful, perfect form. Moulded to fit your own ideals and values. You’re ecstatic, finally you think… I have found someone who understands me.


But here’s the beauty of it, often these perfect people wear a mask that shows you only what YOU want to see. What lays underneath is quite different to what they reveal to you. This is not someone you know. This persona is a stranger to you. Inevitably you and this stranger will become acquainted. The day will come when they will either forget to put the mask on or they will simply not be able to hide their true nature anymore.


These are the people who surprise us in the most, in the worst way possible. The friend you never thought was capable of betraying you or the partner who promised unconditional love only to leave you at the blink of an eye.


We have all danced with the devil


Dimensions: 57 x 74cm. Medium: Charcoal Drawing on Paper

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