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Memento Mori

Memento Mori


There is a hard truth that all of us will face at some point. It is a truth that exposes our worst fears, making everything else seem insignificant. You can’t run or hide from it, it doesn’t matter how much money or designer clothes you have… Death will find us all, it is inevitable.


We live in a time that rejects the slightest possibility of this inevitability. We keep this thought at the back of our deepest closet, shying away from it in order to forget. Such thinking would only lead us to anxiety and depression right? Ignorance is bliss after all… But hang on,


The awareness of Death has the ability to transform our lives. Inspiring us to go out in the world and have beautiful experiences, being with good people who make us happy and learning things that will make us wise and fulfilled. Question the worth of sacrificing all your time and energy to satisfy your ruthless material hunger.


Think of it right now, there will be a day when YOU won’t be here anymore. Don’t regret your past, don’t live for the future. Make this your fuel now… so that when death comes knocking you will not be surprised. You will have expected this guest and prepared for his arrival by having lived a masterpiece.


Dimensions: 57 x 74cm. Medium: Charcoal Drawing on Paper

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